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Writing everything from chiptunes to meditative yoga music, Marissa is a versatile and experienced composer.  She graduated from Duquesne University's School of Music, having studied Music Technology & Composition, and now writes for live performance, film, and video games.  Her music has been featured in the Pittsburgh City Paper, at The Pittsburgh Cut, at the Lancaster International Short Film Festival / Rumschpringe, and on the retro electronic music blog, Chiptunes = WIN.

"'Marissa Hapeman’s climb up the sheer rock face of chiptune finds footing with purposeful stride, a focus on impactful simplicity, and strength in foundation. ‘Solstice’ delivers on Hapeman’s promise for more to come and raises her bar even higher. If this is Marissa’s trajectory, round 3 is going to explode."


-PixelRecall, Chiptunes = WIN (February 2017)

"‘Pretty In Pixels’ pulls away from the pack and cements itself as a left-of-centre debut album not to be missed."

"...a thoughtful exploration of composition, harnessing technology to express emotion found in traditional contemporary composition with grace and nuance."

-PixelRecall, Chiptunes = WIN (March 2016)


"SILENCED" (dir. James Barris, Bojamus Productions) premiered on October 12th at The Pittsburgh Cut festival.  This horror / thriller short film features Marissa's latest score!

Check out The Metronomicon's Chiptune Challenge DLC pack to fight & dance your way through "Pretty In Pixels"!  

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