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Dec 20, 2019

HIPTUNES is available now!!

We couldn't wrap up 2019 without one more chiptune cover compilation... go check out HIPTUNES, available now on Spotify!  Hiptunes is the latest album by the same crew who brought you Kickblips - this time, we all chose various indie songs to cover, and it was just as fun to collaborate on as the THPS album - go give it a listen here!

Thank you again to DonutShoes and 3xBlast for getting the album off the ground! 


Dec 19, 2018

Kickblips is here!

Kickblips (a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 8bit cover album) was a fabulously unique and very fun project that I got to be a part of!   I covered “T.N.T.”, a track that always reminds of THPS. Go check it out! Thank you to DonutShoes and 3xBlast for putting this whole thing together!  ...3xBlast even programmed a web sidescroller to play along to the album!  How cool is that?!

Go check out the album and the game at!


(And follow 3xBlast and DonutShoes on Twitter!)

Feb 27, 2017

"Solstice" review by PixelRecall!

Once again, PixelRecall (R. Morgan Slade) has written some incredibly kind and spot-on things about my EP - go check out the full article here!  A huge thank you to him, and to the Chiptunes = WIN community for always being so rad!


Feb 06, 2017

"Big Bad Crush" featured for MP3 Monday!

Really excited to share that "Big Bad Crush", the first track from my new EP, is being featured for Pittsburgh City Paper's MP3 Monday!  You can download the track for free, so go and grab it!

A huge thank-you to Pgh City Paper writer Alex Gordon for sharing the music!  (And, don't forget, the "Solstice" EP is available for $5 through Bandcamp!)


Jan 31, 2017

SOLSTICE EP // Available now on Bandcamp

It's finally here: my newest chiptune EP, "Solstice"!  Six brand new tracks, including "Waiting For Good News", for $5 through Bandcamp.

Thank you as always for listening & sharing!

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Marissa Hapeman is a composer & songwriter based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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